The Long, Slow Road to Revenue Recovery

Short-term Rentals, Present and Future Even though 2020 is winding down, COVID-19 hasn’t taken a break. The entire travel industry is still reeling from the pandemic. And the month of October began with airlines laying off thousands of employees. However, travel is a resilient industry and recovery will happen in time. Recently TSA clocked one million passengers in a single day of flying. That’s the most people flying since the start of the pandemic.  Leisure

Insurance:  are you completely covered?

Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover Your Airbnb? In this article, you’ll learn from a leading insurance industry expert about the overall structure of the insurance market for short-term rentals We’ll also clear up some common misconceptions, and provide some tips for how to find a solution for your situation. Here’s what you need to know about insurance when it comes to short-term rentals. There are many different ways that hosts conduct their rental activities. And

Airbnb says your “Party House” is closed!

Is Airbnb the Party Pooper? With bars and nightclubs shuttered in the Pandemic, some young folks are holding house parties. Perhaps in your house or an Airbnb new you. The “Party House” isn’t a new phenomenon, but the problem has gotten worse in the past six months. Following through on a pledge to ban parties in its short-term rental listings, Airbnb announced recently that it has so far suspended or removed hundreds of properties worldwide