How Are Airbnb And Vrbo Different

As a short-term rental management company, we’re often asked which online rental platform is best. Well, that depends on your particular property and hosting situation. If you are renting individual rooms in a hosted property, Airbnb is your best option as a primary rental platform. If you are renting out your entire house un-hosted, both Airbnb and Vrbo are good options. But are they both the same? There are key differences between the two top

Trends From 2020 That Will Continue in 2021

The year 2020 saw changes for the travel industry and travelers worldwide. As a worldwide pandemic and mandatory lockdowns closed borders and cities, new rules and regulations changed the way we travel. And the most significant change can in where we stay when we travel. Lobbies, crowded elevators, shared dining spaces – few hotel aspects lend themselves to a global pandemic. Throughout 2020, alternative accommodations gained a significant leg up on traditional lodging. Mid-city apartments

California is Open for Business, What Can Airbnb Hosts Expect?

(HostWell CEO and Founder Keith Freedman shares his thoughts on the state's recent suspension of the CDC's Covid 19 restrictions.) California has officially reopened so, what does this mean for hosts? There are still Covid related health orders in effect for the state, and many cities have additional precautions that continue. The cities serviced by HostWell in California are all open for business. Before June 15th, "hosted" short-term rentals, hosting in a part of the