Short-Term Rental Management Services

HostWell℠ Blue Ribbon Management℠ services provide a complete management solution for your hosting needs. Whether you need someone to completely manage everything, or you just need a few services regularly, occasionally, or while you're out of town, we can manage everything you need to create the best experience for your guests and make the most out of your listings.

Full Management

Sit back and relax! We handle everything, so you don’t have to.

Priced at 25-35% of rental income.

Live Guest Checkins

Need us to greet your guests and provide key management? A HostWell℠ professional coordinates with you or your guests.

From $90.

Daily Dynamic Pricing

Each day, we update your listing’s future prices with local events in mind, so you’re always booked at an optimal price-point.

Included with full management services contract.

Guest Communications

We communicate with your guests, answer any questions, and make sure they’re all set for their stay.

Included with partial and full management service contracts.


Is your listing concise and consistent? We write clear copy so your guests know exactly what to expect.

Interior Design

Space a little dated? We suggest improvements to help you get the most from your space.

Available for an additional fee..

Consumables Replenishment

Included with full management service contracts, HostWell℠ provides the following consumables replenishment: bathroom tissue, paper towels, hand soap, laundry pods, coffee, tea, garbage bags, batteries, light bulbs, sugar, Stevia, and Splenda. We’ve partnered with Kiehl’s bath and body products to give your guests the ultimate bath and shower experience!

Kiehl Bath and Body Products

Premium Linen Service

With HostWell℠ Premium Linen Service, we provide professionally laundered luxury hotel linens with every cleaning. You'll never have to do laundry or deal with wear-and-tear on your linens again. HostWell℠ Premium Linen Service is free to hosts and charged to guests as part of their cleaning fees.   There is no need for hosts to buy or replace linens or purchase a linen subscription.

Cleaning Services

In addition to regular turnover cleanings, HostWell's℠ dedicated cleaning staff and partners offer Deep Cleaning as well as Carpet & Furniture Shampooing so your guests always have a clean place to stay. Our cleaning services are based on an hourly rate and have a minimum of 1 hour per visit.

Standard Cleaning

A HostWell℠ cleaning professional will clean your space between guests and complete any checklist items.

Standard cleanings are from $90. We evaluate your space and set a flat rate price based on the time we expect your cleaning take on average. You’ll know what to expect with no surprises.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning goes above and beyond standard cleaning tasks. We clean areas that require furniture being moved, as well as other hard-to-reach areas.

Deep Cleaning is usually paired with a standard cleaning visit and is time priced on each 15 minute increment taken on top of your standard cleaning.

Carpet Shampooing

We offer carpet shampooing and generally recommend most carpets be cleaned 3-4 times a year.

Carpet shampooing is from $100 and includes carpet cleaning solution.